One on One Sessions

The Summit offers three full-day One-on-One sessions to help meet multiple SHDA member Manufacturer partners in one convenient location over three days – saving your company hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars annually in travel costs. Twenty-five (25) minute appointments will be offered for the entire Summit to allow partners who need to spend a bit more time to get the full benefit of tailored attention, allowing distributors to make up to 47 appointments! Distributors and suppliers can use this time to discuss market trends, review new products, and plan future strategies.

On Monday afternoon at 4:30 PM, Distributors will set up sequential 25-minute appointments for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. During the morning and afternoon of these three days, they will circulate along the Manufacturer Suites at the Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak Resort visiting the supplier members of SHDA. Here are a few tips to help you prepare for and conduct these One-on-One sessions:

Distributors should:

  • Prepare market data for each vendor
  • Check with field personnel for details on products and services
  • Gather necessary input to maximize your vendor relationship

Manufacturers may wish to bring:

  • New product information
  • New programs
  • Advertising plans
  • Individual distributor sales figures
  • Vendor sales trends

Vendors should be prepared to speak about the Canadian market/Canada where applicable.

SHDA encourages distributor companies to bring more than one principal to enhance their capacity to expand their exposure to all manufacturer participants. A full “dance card” of appointments will allow all attendees to leave Phoenix with a complement of business contacts completed and work goals achieved.


The purpose of the One-on-One Sessions is to provide Distributors and Manufacturers with a cost-effective opportunity to meet with their market partners under one roof. SHDA strives to provide this opportunity to all delegates in a time-efficient fashion at the lowest cost possible. With this in mind, manufacturers are reminded that alcoholic beverages should NOT be offered during appointments.

"Distributors can't miss this once-a-year conference.”

- 2019 Summit Distributor Attendee