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Ben Silver Seminar

Once again, SHDA brings back the much-anticipated Ben Silver Seminar. Learn about this year’s topic and our esteemed presenter.

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Matt Clark


Championship Execution: Measures What Matters 

Matt has timed tens of thousands of pit stops over his career. Each pitstop is broken down into at least twenty-five distinct time segments for critical review and improvement. Measuring the things that matter provides quantifiable results that can be improved upon. 

NASCAR Pit crews spend about 60 - 80 seconds a week actually working on getting results; changing tires, fueling and adjusting the car during the race. Each pit stop can be 10-12 seconds with the average of 5 - 7 pits tops per race. These Pit Athletes are required to workout, rehab, stretch, watch film, setup & tear down, all of which is important. However, at the end of the day, it's the number on the stopwatch that matters. 

The same holds true in the business world. Ultimately, it's all about the results. Tenths of a second on pit road mean the difference between winning and losing. Forty years ago, Peter Drucker famously wrote, " what gets measured, gets improved" and it's just as true today. Are you measuring what matters? 


About the Presenter 

Matt Clark is a speaker, coach and expert team strategist. His experience as a NASCAR championship Pit Crew Coach for drivers Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson, gives him a unique perspective on mindset and performance. Along with doing time as an on air analyst for FOX Sports1, Matt has done a TEDx Talk and has shared his experience and insights with major organizations. His passion is to help high performers build a championship mindset as well as helping business leaders develop teams that drive performance.