“Hands down, one of the best Summits that I have ever been involved with.”

- Tom Hightman, Lockmasters

Ben Silver Seminar

Once again, SHDA brings back the much-anticipated Ben Silver Seminar. Learn about this year’s topic and our esteemed presenter.


Michael Allosso


You on Your Best Day

Allosso offers an entertaining perspective on ‎dynamic and effective leadership. Participants will enhance and upgrade communication ‎skills to maximize efficacy in diverse situations: from sales meetings to the executive ‎office; from the boardroom to home and family life. Allosso demonstrates, illustrates, ‎lists and identifies the skills and talents associated with outstanding actors and coaches. ‎

Questions probed and answered are:‎

•             How do you maintain a high energy level all day long?‎

•             What makes employees produce with enthusiasm and excellence?‎

•             How do I heighten my listening?‎

•             How do I command more presence so others listen to me more?‎

•             What are the best ways to give criticism so that it is heard and incorporated?‎

•             How do I hold myself accountable?‎

•             How do I more effectively execute my objectives?‎

•             How do I make my objectives more dynamic with more tactical variety?‎

•             Is humor appropriate in business?‎

•             What role does appearance play?‎

About the Presenter

MICHAEL ALLOSSO is a master communications expert who coaches CEOs and other ‎high level executives both in ‎dynamic presentations as well as effective day to day ‎leadership. He has led award winning workshops for ‎leaders and sales teams all over the ‎world and is a much sought after personal coach. His client base ranges from ‎insurance ‎producers to construction managers, doctors to bankers, actors to politicians. His ‎experience as a ‎professional theater and film director enables him to quickly identify ‎strengths and weaknesses. He gives his ‎clients practical tools to fortify their strengths ‎and eliminate their weaknesses.‎