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Essentials of Profitable Warehouse Operations©

Course Details

This one day course is based on the Essentials of Profitable Warehouse Operations© course created by ASA.  The course is intended to give managers a framework to teach essential warehousing functions to the teams they manage.  The content also serves to refresh old concepts and introduce additional operating efficiencies.  Topics include: 

  • The role of the wholesale distributor in the supply chain
  • Inventory as cash
  • Warehouse security
  • Inventory accuracy and cycle counting
  • Preventative maintenance programs
  • Employee safety
  • Facility layout and storage systems
  • Inventory movement analysis
  • Dead Stock
  • The order transaction
  • Functional roles in the transaction
  • Team leadership and supervision

The Target Audience

Most privately held distributors struggle with training.  Most training is geared toward product knowledge, sales or data processing functions.  The material handling team, the same people who have a significant impact on net profit, receive little or no formal training.  Distributors tend to use the shadow or OJT method.  Unfortunately, bad habits tend to get passed down from employee to employee.  This program will give the operational leaders the tools to create their own internal programs. 

This program is designed to appeal to all operational personnel.  Branch managers, warehouse managers and key warehouse supervisors are the most common participants.  We have also attracted several training coordinators interested in taking the program back to their organization. 

The Instructor

The course has been facilitated by Jason Bader, of the Distribution Team, for the past year.  He has presented the course in 10 cities around the United States.  His ability to connect with participants stems from his experience growing up in the distribution business and spending several years working in warehouse operations.  He transitioned to teaching and coaching in 2003.

The Distribution Team specializes in providing excellence in inventory management training, business operations consulting and technology utilization to the wholesale distribution industry.  Jason brings over 20 years of experience working in the distribution field.  He has overseen various operational teams, managed small and large facilities, and served in an executive management capacity for the last 10 years of his distribution career. 

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