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For webinars and videos please plan your presentation to be a minimum of 30 minutes but not longer than 50 minutes. Webinars/Videos will not exceed 60 minutes from start to finish. To ensure we have time to market your program, SHDA requests you adhere to the due dates identified for required materials.
*Limited spaces are available and all topics must be approved prior to presenting.*
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Use of Program Materials
SHDA records all webinars with the intent to post them on the website as an educational resource for members. A PDF of the final presentation will be shared with participants shortly after the program.
Program Evaluation
Participants will be asked to complete a short online program evaluation. A summary of the results and any feedback will be shared with the presenter.

Required Material:

Please provide the information below at least 5 working days before presentation.
PPT Presentation - Please note the following about your presentation:
o Opening slide: SHDA branded webinar
o 2nd slide: About the Presenter (SHDA staff host will introduce you)
o 3rd slide: Outline the Learning Objectives
o Last 4 slides:
- Provide a wrap-up with key points as a summary
- Q & A (Questions will be held to the end of the presentation)
- SHDA branded Thank You
- About (Your Company)
- Headshot
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