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DHI Releases First of Its Kind School Safety & Security Policy Principles

Founded in proven methods to provide safety and security in an education setting

March 26, 2021 – Washington, DC – DHI - Door Security + Safety Professionals is pleased to release its School Safety & Security Policy Principles. The first of its kind for DHI, the policy principles are built on proven methods that provide safety and security in an education setting, and utilize best practices for door and hardware solutions.

Developed by DHI members and experts in their field with decades of experience, technical expertise, and certifications; the policy principles focus on why schools must only install code compliant and tested safety and security hardware. Being safe in a secure space should never require “barricading people in” when they need out. This proven lifesaving approach creates a safe environment that keeps the assailants out while not impeding first responders or “locking in” the victims.

To support legislators, schools, communities in having conversations on school security, the policy principles reinforce DHI’s stance on security and locking hardware, doors, as well as glass in or near doors; and include key information to help schools make informed decisions. The document also outlines which community members and government representatives should be involved to prioritize safety and security at the federal, state, and local levels.

“DHI is passionately concerned about school safety to protect every student in every situation, every day. We advocate for keeping the bad guys out while assuring the good guys can get in,” states David M. Sylvester, PSP, President of the DHI Board of Governors. “On any given day, there are real, active safety concerns in our nation’s schools—from student violence to fire hazards and outside influences. DHI and our members support safety and security methods that protects all students and invests in their future, while also protecting school teachers, administrators and staff.”

DHI distributed its policy principles to nearly 5,000 state officials across the country to encourage the adoption of proper school safety and security protocols.
Visit to read the School Safety & Security Policy Principles and learn more about the organizations’ key initiatives.


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