SHDA’s mission is to continually improve, through education and services, the proficiency of Security Distributors in order that they are the most effective and efficient conduit to the marketplace.

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Service First Processing

Service First Processing (SFP) is a leading provider of credit card and ACH / check processing services. We make accepting credit cards simple, efficient and more profitable for your company. SHDA and SFP have put together a special “members only program” that is designed to reduce your cost of credit card processing while improving your level of service and support. 

This new member program can enhance your company’s profitability through 3 easy steps:

  • SFP will provide your company a savings proposal based on your business unique processing needs and our consultative analysis.
  • If you decide to try the SHDA / SFP program you will be provided with the necessary equipment and training as well as a 60 Day Trial Period.
  • In addition to your initial cost reduction, ten percent (10%) of the net processing revenue that SFP generates from your account will be rebated back to you on an annual basis.

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This course introduces the fundamentals of architectural doors and hardware to those new to this industry and desiring to understand the basics of the products and their applications. It’s a simple introduction to understand the critical components of openings that provide life safety and security to building users.

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