Benefits of Membership

SHDA provides a valuable array of benefits to its members, including:


At the SHDA Annual Industry Advancement Summits, members participate in a program of networking, industry relevant education, meetings, conferences, seminars and social gatherings. The annual location rotates through Eastern, Central and Western sites to provide easy access for all of our members.


SHDA is the pioneer in structuring private meetings between distributors and manufacturers during the Annual Conference. Each member has the unique opportunity to meet privately with up to 100 of their marketing partners. These unique "one-on-one" sessions are the perfect opportunity to introduce new products, discuss joint marketing programs, share marketing information, and review how to work more effectively together. An incredibly efficient format for all members!


SHDA brings to its membership acclaimed speakers during the joint business session and the Ben Silver Seminar, both annual events. Articles on management and marketing are provided in the association's quarterly newsletter. Members also have access to an "Inventory of Skills" in which SHDA members have volunteered to provide their knowledge and experience in a particular field.


Maintaining a fair and competitive marketplace for this industry is one of SHDA's goals: The association works on its own and in concert with other industry organizations to support legislation favorable to all security industry members. Legislative updates are provided to members on an ongoing basis. Through its affiliation with the National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors (NAW), SHDA has a prominent voice in Washington, working to promote the interests of its members.


Each member company is listed in the annual publication of the SHDA Membership Directory along with the respective key company data. Also included in this directory is the "Inventory of Skills". SHDA's quarterly newsletter highlights significant industry changes and keeps members up-to-date on Association activities. Surveys completed within the membership provide important statistical and financial data for purposes of benchmarking.